Hello World
Enter the Kiddo

May be I cannot afford understand the whole point of writing a blog post because just as I am still affraid to do so when seeing some really nice blogs. But I insisted myself, I should express to a space what I know, Even though its Nothing/Stupid/Confusingly Idiotic Stuff.

Well, with dreams shattered and restlessness kills, boredom will germinate useful devil inside you. That grows upon itself and perform a fission process on its own with whatever/wherever you got unavoidable shits.

The Unceasing habit of reading, brought me to someplaces which I can pat myself for doing that before I die yet that sufficly gave me something to write on my own.

Also, sometimes I got confused with the overwhelming topics and methods everyone out handling.

Written by Thilip Varadharajan on 03 February 2016