God Save Me,Python
How I saved my ass by Python

Out of the dark, thunder rumbling work days, a mere light came for me in a day’s midnight of this month. That too, a severe cause of python. As python has the elixir simplicity to play with, I enjoyed the possible easiness of automating my work day-to-day and everything went well.

After a week of me got the opportunity to enter into a real world of analytics, jumped directly from operations, I got a sidekick project of creating a tool to extract some random records from the given file. Initially the project name itself was utterly terryfying to me. “Randomization queue picker” or something. Rather paying attention on the requirements, my concentration was distracted on “Suicide Squad” #2 trailer showed up in my phone’s notifications tray somehow.

Written by Thilip Varadharajan on 20 April 2016