Analysing Hospital dataset from India
And, Its Fun !

Few days ago came across a website with awesomatic data analysis about New York City Using Taxi Location Data and that made me to loop through various sites & blogs on Data Analytic/Visualizations.

Though this small dataset seems incomplete or partial I thought this might be a better chance to use it. Out of the 1047 Hospitals given in the dataset, It happened to be a very few public Hospitals in our country only less than five are providing the homeopathy type medicine method and the remaining are Private and elusive. The following picture demonstrated that.

Interestingly, when cross checked the year of state formation and the hospital counts came the massive sigh. For example, UttarPradesh has been a productive state of India from 1956 yet it has comparatively lesser counts than the later formed Delhi Union.On the other hand, the massively populated and Geographically vast area state Madhya Pradesh has least number of hospitals than the 1/3 of it Delhi union.

Apart from this comparisons, the number of public hospitals are comparatively very less than the Private premises in each and every state of India. Yup, that sounds an alarm. .!

Written by Thilip Varadharajan on 21 January 2016